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Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Sightseeing cruise tickets are not refundable. No-shows are considered forfeited. In the event of a tour cancellation by Prairie River Cruises Ltd., (for weather or river conditions which are quite rare) you will be given an option to re-book, receive an equal value gift certificate to join another day, or provided a refund.

Gift Certificates - Gift Certificates are not refundable. Gift Certificates that area a dollar value may be used to book any cruise. If someone redeems a gift certificate online for less than the redemption value, any residual balance is forfeited. If you redeem a gift certificate while on board, you can apply the face value of the certificate. If you apply less than face value, the balance remaining can be issued as a new certificate for the remaining amount.

Dinner and Brunch cruise tickets may be cancelled by the purchaser NO LATER than 12:00 noon two days before the booked date and these cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. After that, cancellations are non-refundable.

The Ship's Captain will make all decisions about weather and safety at the time of boarding. Typically high winds in excess of 70 km/h are the one weather issue we have. We do sail in the rain. The Captain may decide to delay a departure a few minutes or may decide to cancel sailing entirely. If the Captain determines is it not safe to cruise, the Lily can remain at the dock and your meal will be served there. If the cruise is canceled by the Captain, and passengers are not permitted onboard the vessel, the ticket price will be refunded, or the cruise re-booked, at the customer's option.

Policy Notices

Please do not bring outside food or drink on board including alcohol. Please also abstain from using cannabis and tobacco while on our ship.

Thanks for your understanding.

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