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The best date night in Saskatoon! Join the Prairie Lily for our one hour, 4:00 Sightseeing Cruise through the heart of Saskatoon.  For the evening, you enjoy the 7:30 performance Done/Undone by Kate Besworth. Done/Undone asks us to consider the problematic aspects of the Bard: while we tend to forget it, William Shakespeare was indeed a man, and a man living in a time rife with social and ethical problems, no less. Sexism, racism, and classism were just some of these social issues that we, in the 21st-century, often gloss over when talking of the legend of Shakespeare. Done/Undone attempts to dismantle the aura of mythos surrounding Shakespeare and challenges the audience to contemplate our love of—or distaste for—Shakespeare. Done/Undone provides various perspectives on this debate through the eyes of actors, scholars, audience members, board members, and even Shakespeare himself. If you have ever questioned what the hype around Shakespeare was all about, step into our theatre this summer as we create an inventive and humorous labyrinth of ideas all leading to one question … why Shakespeare?

Combined ticket includes a $10 discount!  Between events, you've got a two hour window to go offsite to enjoy dinner at one of Saskatoon's many fine restaurants. Dinner is not included in ticket.

These special tickets are ONLY available through The Prairie Lily. These tickets must be purchased at least one day in advance. Walk up tickets are not available.